Chair Kevin Apple Tree

I am a studio furniture maker and wood sculptor, but make little distinction between these practices.  In all of my work, preservative and poetic interactions with material serve as experiments with reality, reinforcing my connection to nature and intensifying my quest for meaning.  As a contributor to the built-environment, and as someone with a deep reverence for life, I am interested in promoting a sustainable relationship between human beings and the natural world.  I aim with my work to do as little harm as possible while making people’s lives more beautiful, functional and enjoyable. I frequently scavenge for materials in my surroundings, and I primarily use wood I find in the trash, from alleyways, old houses or barns, or through other sustainable sources. Through making and teaching, I hope to inspire creativity and conservation while furthering the general science and understanding of wood and wood technology. In everything I do, I strive for a viable practice of imagination, with an emphasis on quality, utility, ethics, and environmental responsibility.

I grew up in rural Ohio and attended The College of Wooster, where I graduated with a BA in studio art, focusing on wood sculpture.  Additional skills were built at Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Colorado, both as a summer workshop intern (in 2010) and again as artist-in-residence (in 2013). I lived in Chicago from 2010 to 2017, where I was employed most notably as a maker for Theaster Gates (2011-2015), John Preus (Dilettante Studios), Rebuild Foundation, and others.  I have exhibited my creations since 2010, both domestically and abroad. I currently operate my own studio in Port Townsend, Washington, and occasionally teach classes at the Port Townsend School of Woodworking.