The Beast by John Preus

The Beast is a large-scale installation by my friend and oft-collaborator John Preus.  I am proud to have assisted in bringing his vision to fruition.  I hope you will visit HPAC and traverse its cavernous bowels, in which I have collaborative works on display (skinned leather upholstry stretched like pelts on wooden frames).  On may 3 (3:00-4:30pm), I will be joining the house band New Material for a performance.

More information and a calendar of programs below:

BeastRendering“Intertwining spectacle and site, John Preus’ The Beast, becomes a new space for cultural inquiry, public dialogue and creative production within the Hyde Park Art Center. Preus will transform the main gallery’s interior with a complex architectural framework inspired by the form of a dead steer emblematic of violence and sacrifice, fabricating the structure from harvested materials including upholstery leather and discarded wood and furniture from recently closed Chicago Public Schools. Existing as an type of community center throughout the span of the exhibition, The Beast will be activated through corresponding performances, discussions and educational offerings programmed by the artist and collaborators. An updated calendar of events is provided.  The belly of The Beast includes storytelling, live music, sermons, panel discussions, dinners, and more to explore the use and social value of public space, and how collective experience can encourage the development of a better city.”

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