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Upcoming Classes at Port Townsend School of Woodworking

Learn how to make creative bandsaw boxes in my upcoming class “Sculptural Boxes” at the Port Townsend School of Woodworking. June 24-28, 2019.
In the class “Curved Furniture,” Seth Rolland and I will teach you how to incorporate curves into your furniture designs!
October 7-18, 2019

Handpan Troop

Handpan Troop (Installed)

This piece, made for a local Port Townsend handpan player, was designed to store his instruments as if they are a troop of mushrooms growing out of a corner cabinet.  [click photo for more images]

Spiral Record Table

Spiral Record Table

This piece, made for a client in Chicago, was made by stack-laminating reclaimed plywood.   I salvaged the materials from a dumpster outside a construction site downtown.

Infinite Games


OPEN HOUSE CONTEMPORARY, 740 N. Ogden Ave. Chicago, IL

Come see over 50 artist’s adaptations of materials salvaged from closed Chicago Public Schools, including a pair of lamps made by Yours Truly.

Site Update

Hello!  I have recently updated a few items on my webpage.  If you have a moment, check out my recently expanded portfolio, featuring new work (from my recent show Animal Architecture) and new photos of old work (see Gestures, Jigs, and Steam Bent).   There are also new links to projects in which I have had significant involvement (see Fabrication), and all new candid photos of my last few workspaces (see Studio).  Thanks for visiting!!

Animal Architecture

Animal Architecture
by Kevin Reiswig
A one-night-only preview of new work and send-off party!
November 4, 2016 — 7pm-11:59pm
Dilettante Studios


Hello friends,

When I first moved to Chicago, I thought I would be here for no more than a year… Six years and many wonderful memories later, I’m finding it time to make a change.  There are some exciting new opportunities for me on the horizon, but more on that another time.  For now, I hope you will take the night of November 4 to come hang out and send me off!

I want to take the opportunity of a gathering to show you some of the sculptural work I’ve been doing over the last year. This body of work, which I call Animal Architecture, showcases the poetic language of woodcraft–familiar to us in the creation of furniture for the human body–in forms which are more directly related to animal bodies. In studying these objects of domestication, I have contemplated problems of our own humanity, and estimate that any consideration of these questions would be beneficial to the survival of the human species:  What stereotypic, abnormal, or maladaptive behaviors have resulted from the civilization of people? How does our environment influence our behavior, health, and happiness? Who owns that environment, and can we influence it, and how?




“Wreathe In, Wreathe Out” — 2016 — Salvaged pine lumber, spilled coffee — 5′ in diameter

I just returned from a six week residency at Hangzhou International School in China.  During my time there, I worked with students grades 5-12, introducing them to some basic techniques in wood working.  I made the school this piece of sculpture to thank them for the experience.  It now hangs on the wall in their campus cafe.  It’s really fun to leave a mark on the other side of the planet.  I think the circular form emerged because I was thinking a lot about global travel.  Thanks HIS!



A dining table, made out of maple stair treads and desk pieces, chestnut from a piano, steam bent quarter-sawn oak, and LVL.

Recycledelic Table


Recycledelic Table (Top)

Organism (Top)