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I make sculpture and furniture that is inspired by my relationship with nature, the built environment, and a general reverence for life. I aim with my work to do as little harm as possible while making people’s lives more beautiful, functional and enjoyable. I frequently scavenge for materials in my surroundings, and I primarily use wood I find in the trash, in the street, or from old houses or barns. Through making and teaching, I hope to inspire creativity and conservation while furthering the general science and understanding of wood and wood technology. In everything I do, I strive for a viable practice of imagination, with an emphasis on quality, utility, ethics, and environmental responsibility.

I grew up in rural Ohio and attended The College of Wooster, where I graduated with a BA in studio art under the guidance of the sculptor Walter Zurko. I have twice worked at Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Colorado, both as a summer workshop intern (2010) and again as artist-in-residence (2013). I lived in Chicago from 2010-2017, where I was employed most notably as a maker for Theaster Gates (2011-2015), John Preus, Rebuild Foundation, South-side Hub of Production, and others.  I have exhibited my creations since 2010, both domestically and abroad. I currently operate my own studio in Port Townsend, Washington, and occasionally teach classes at the Port Townsend School of Woodworking.